It's a band.  It's a show. It's a band show.

We only care about rocking.

Jose Nation is a hotter than all-fucking-get-out music cooperative located in Brooklyn, NY. Founded on the bedrock of classic rock with a unique twist all its own, the sounds of Jose Nation have come to save and sustain the masses.

Jose Nation puts it all out there for the world to see. We document the hot mess of our world with unflinching bravery, challenging you to redefine what you think a life should be as we mock the conventions that define hollow existence.

The time has come to join us.

As Jose Nation smokes a trail of epic madness, we smack the shit out of pop culture and leave it spinning in the dust. Just when you think you understand the game, Jose Nation changes the rules. When the others zig, Jose Nation zags—and vise-versa. Whatever you place on pedestal, Jose Nation will knock to the ground; we will tear from it the mask of bleak hypocrisy that binds you in empty allegiance. Binds you in the dark. With weird creepy things you cant see crawling on your face. Jose Nation saves you from creepy crawly things in the dark. Like, literally we will do that.

If you love rock music—and if you love the taste of beer at the end of a shit day—you will love Jose Nation.