What is a man? Is he a mass of muscles and bone, pushed through the air and water of earth by the electrical impulses fired by grey matter until he meets resistance? And upon meeting this resistance, is this man merely jutted chin and furrowed brow, defiantly poised for battle as the delicate ballet of war engulfs the world? And if the war takes him, what then? What is left of this man? Charred bones and a whiff of regret.

Or is a man this: his ideas. His heart. His mind. His thoughts and creative appetites crumpled together into genius revelations of passion living throughout the ages, now and forever, as a fantastical diversion from boredom on the internet. Obviously, we at Jose Nation think it’s the latter.


Follow our pal Nicky as he navigates the trials and tribulations of office life, and watch as he discovers that not everything that glitters is gold. Sometimes it’s just wet.


Pedestals are nasty. Cold and unapproachable, they’re a relic from a bygone era; a tool for oppressors. Jose hates anything placed on top of them, and works tirelessly to topple arrogance from its perch.


Hell Is For Children traces the exploits of a modern-day Holden Caulfield named Pendel Haight as he tears through the lives of everyone who loves him in this blistering social media experiment by Jose Nation.


Having a problem picking sides? No worries, Jose has enough opinions to go around. Find out what to think about a diverse range of topics by clicking above. Delicate sensibilities should steer clear.


The vibe for everything Jose is New York City, and nothing communicates life in NYC like the unique experience of riding the rails of the subway. Visit the Jose Subway Tumblr feed and groove on it.

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